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Victor Plastics custom injection molding

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Our Process

  1. Custom Injection Molder
    Custom Injection Molder
    Custom Injection Molder - At the base, we're a custom injection molder.

    With over 20 years in the business and over 100 presses - River Bend Industries' facilities reflect state-of-the-art equipment and ongoing upgrades. We're motivated by our client's specific needs and a focus on efficiency.

    At this level, the kind of enhancements you'll see at River Bend include:
    • Quieter, cleaner electronic presses
    • Robotic automation at almost every press
    • Press diversity, such as insert molding on vertical presses
    • Advanced applications such as Gas Assist, Counter Pressure, and In-Mold Decorating
    The range of our equipment is substantial:
    • We start at 30 tons... and go all the way to 3000 tons
    The materials we utilize are diverse:
    • From commodity resins... to highly engineered materials
    • From basic black... to molded-in color

  2. Advanced Manufacturing Systems
    Advanced Manufacturing Systems
    Advanced Manufacturing Systems - River Bend Industries employs several Advanced Manufacturing Systems to tie our customers' needs to consistent manufacturing outputs.

    One of these systems is Advanced Material Handling which means dried resin arrives in exact amounts right to the press through vacuum tubes. With the elimination of bulky resin boxes, the floors are cleaner, the aisles are empty, and the air is cleaner - because there's less call for fork trucks. The impact of all of this is more room for press-side robotics and secondary operations.

    In short, better conditions for higher efficiency.

    Advanced Material Handling Components:
    • Silo storage allows us to buy in bulk - over 40 million pounds a year.
    • Motan Dryers optimize moisture content for molding.
    • McGuire's Precision Color Mixing System blends in color.
    • Motan's Material Handling System delivers exact amounts of resin to the process.
    Other Advanced Manufacturing Systems:
    • MRP, which allows customer orders to happen directly over the internet and results in 99% on-time delivery.
    • 5/S programs result in improved efficiency.
    • Live data exchange with all work cells using the Bear Tracker System.
    • Lean Manufacturing Practices reduce inventory.
    • ISO 9001:2008 Certification for all River Bend Industries facilities drives quality and consistency.

  3. Secondary Operations
    Secondary Operations
    Secondary Operations - Once a piece is molded at River Bend Industries, a myriad of secondary operations are available to move the product towards completion. Often taking place press-side to reduce unneccessary handling, some procedures are manual, others are performed by robotics.

    Component Assembly Systems:
    • Sonic welding
    • Vibration welding
    • Spin welding
    • Orbital riveting
    • Heat staking (steaking)
    • Hot plate welding
    • Pressure decay leak testing and UV curable adhesive
    • Gas infused liquid adhesive gaskets
    • Static guarded electronic compontent assembly
    Decorating Options:
    • Pad printing
    • Hot stamping
    • Silk screening
    • Heat transfer
    • Decal application
    • In-Mold-Decorating
    Paint Procedures:
    • Accent striping
    • Decorative painting  
    • EMI and RFI shielding
    Many of the secondary operations we've incorporated over the years are to satisfy specific client requests. If there is a process you didn't see here that you're curious about, just ask, we probably have it or are about to get it.

  4. In-House Engineering & Tooling
    In-House Engineering & Tooling
    In-House Engineering & Tooling - The strength of our In-House Engineering and Tooling departments comes from a simple premise - maintain the integrity of the data from concept to completion. In real life, the execution of the premise involves a very diligent and coordinated effort by our team in the Technical Center.

    The result of our investment in training, technology and equipment is knowledge, experience and expertise - which in the end - profoundly impacts the success of our customers on their way to market.

    • CAD - experienced engineers employ sophisticated programs such as ProEngineer to design tools to our customers' specifications.
    • CAE - Computer Aided Engineering, performs analysis such as Mold Flow and FEA.
    • CAM - seamless interfaces convert part information in programs such as ProManufacture.
    • CNC high speed milling
    • EDM and Wire EDM
    Assembled and tested, with capacities from 30 to 3000 tons, these complex works of art make their way to the press. Combine this with a global network of tooling sources in North America and Asia and you are afforded distinct advantages in cost and speed. But perhaps most importantly, you have a single source of responsibility - River Bend Industries.

  5. Integrated Product Development
    Integrated Product Development

    Integrated Product Development - On the front end, if you have a concept that needs to be designed, River Bend Industries has resources to help you with this too.
    In this conceptual phase we offer:
    • Research
    • Solution based design
    • Industrial design rendering
    • Prototyping via SLA, SLS and urethane
    • Mechanical design and analysis
    What's important to understand on the tail end, is our definition of completion is different from most. Beyond just the completion of individual pieces, River Bend Industries turnkey mentality is all about producing finished components and products right down to the box. That's the River Bend difference. This is where we add value.

    Here's just one example: When a well known snowboard manufacturer needed someone with long-fiber experience and a system to develop their latest innovations they were referred to River Bend Industries. A complete program was set in motion that included Quality Assurance Specifications, global sourcing of components and testing of the final assembled bindings.

    The program elements include:
    • Early supplier involvement
    • Material selection appropriate to -20° C.
    • Tooling for a variety of processes
    • Diverse component sourcing
    • Molding of 30 components per set
    • Pad printing and silk screening
    • Assembly, robotic and manual
    • Product durability testing
    • Packaging & shipping
    And there you have it. More than a really good injection molder. More than great people, facilities and equipment. River Bend Industries offers total programs, from concept to completion... with a sense of urgency!
  ISO 9001-2008 Certified and UL Certified!